What is Extended Producer Responsibility:

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) (also called "Producer Takeback") is a product and waste management system in which manufacturers – not the consumer or government – take responsibility for the environmentally safe management of their product when it is no longer useful or discarded. When manufacturers take responsibility for the recycling of their own products they:

  • Use environmentally safer materials in the production process
  • Consume fewer materials in the production process
  • Design the product to last longer and be more useful
  • Create safer recycling systems
  • Are motivated to keep waste costs down
  • No longer pass the cost of disposal to the government and the taxpayer
  • Do we have Producer Responsibility in the US? Some companies are taking responsibility voluntarily for their old products. While we don't have a national policy requiring producer responsibility, many States are passing laws requiring it within their states. Learn more about state legislation here.

    OEM Mail Back Program

    Recycling provides manufacturers with the option of implementing a mail back program in an effort to comply and/or offer additional services to consumers within a state. This no-cost program to consumers provides a pre-paid shipping label that ensures the electronic is returned directly to a Lonestar Recycling facility for recycling. Lonestar Recycling manages and oversees the entire mail-back program to provide a no burden solution for manufacturers.

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